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Located in the heart of downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, close to popular attractions including the State Capitol, this hotel offers spacious rooms with microwave and refrigerator. The Best Western Bandana Square Hotel is uniquely built around a historic railroad repair shop and is currently one of the most popular hotels in downtown Minnesota. To meet the needs of its guests, Homewood Suites New Brighton also offers a grocery shopping service.

Jo's customer service is always nothing short of excellent And she always takes good care of you. Whether you have better accommodation, better catering or Joan to serve you and your clients, Jimmy's is a great venue. Joan is always there for you and as always, her services to her clients are nothing short of outstanding.

I will definitely be going back to Jimmy's and I have had positive experiences with a lot of them. My son Greg said: "There is someone who does banquets at Hinckley Casino and that was our responsibility because of our experience of our family's wedding in the past. I was amazed at how well the staff coordinated, they just served the food and left, and I'm glad I shared it.

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Located in downtown White Bear Lake, Minnesota, this hotel is within sight of the Minnesota State Capitol, the Twin Cities and the University of Minnesota - Duluth. The Courtyard in Roseville offers a variety of amenities including a spa, fitness center, pool, spa and gym. It is one of the few hotels in the Rose County area with a full service restaurant and bar.

Located just off Interstate 35W in Roseville, this hotel offers guest rooms with free internet access and a kitchenette. This Rose County hotel features a restaurant with bar, spa, gym, pool, spa and gym. Each suite has a balcony overlooking the Minnesota State Capitol, the Twin Cities and the University of Minnesota - Duluth.

We had an outdoor wedding and an indoor reception in the same place and Jimmy's Event Center didn't disappoint. Everything has turned out better than we expected and we would highly recommend this facility for any kind of celebration. One of the most important things that we wanted to do was to have a good idea of how stunning the interior of this event centre would be. They did a great job to make our wedding great and they did not disappoint us with their great food, drinks and entertainment.

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More About Vadnais Heights