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Many industry insiders have heard rumors that restaurants will reopen next week if Governor Walz extends the current shutdown. Last week, I was told, there was a meeting at which 130 small businesses discussed joining the ReOpen Minnesota Coalition to defy the extension of the decommissioning order. Some of them, along with others who support both the coalition and its goals, are weighing options and changing direction.

Quite a few have confirmed that they will not reopen, contrary to the decommissioning order, and some have not reopened. Teichroev says he doesn't prescribe how restaurants must reopen, but merely offers support numbers and social media. I hope everyone understands that in the end it is about supporting the families who are going to lose everything.

It will all depend on what we think is best for our staff and guests, and that is the most important thing for us.

Yesterday we were told that they had essentially split into two groups and decided to go down the route indicated in the complaint. Following the publication of this article on Friday morning, the Governor has moved his updated restrictions from Monday to Wednesday, December 16. The governor had planned to announce by the end of the week that he would continue the closed restrictions, but the announcement was delayed until Monday. We won't reopen this week and, depending on what he announces on Monday, that lawsuit may be pushed aside or pulled out of the bag.

Bannerman and Teichroev have broad ideas about how to deal with the virus. Most of us will be watching what happens to see how it plays out in places like Michigan and how it plays out here in our own state.

Teichroev compared a possible aid package to a bribe for companies that do not play by the rules, saying they do not intend to stay the course even if they have some financial package. Bannerman believes there is a reason why the restaurant industry is targeted, namely that it is a diverse set of businesses that weakens it when confronted with the tyrant he sees. I tend to think that there is no longer such a conflict of interest as there used to be, but I am not sure that is the case.

I'm wary and nervous because they promise so many things that have changed and haven't worked, but I see people vociferously supporting the restaurant. I ask them the question, they have to make a decision and I will support the ladies.

We plan the same kind of civil disobedience this summer, and if the governor lifts the restrictions in June, we will not back down. We # Ve lost an important time of the year that makes up for the slow months And we are about to end our staff reduction - the phase of dismantling.

I asked if any of the restaurants in the subway area would speak up and lie about the case, but no one would put on record. Korey Bannerman, who owns two restaurants in St. Paul and one in Duluth, and Mike McCoy, owner of Denny's, are a powerful part of that group. Despite studies showing a link to Covid transmission in restaurants, we remain determined that the majority of our restaurants are safe and clean, such as Home Depot and Target. We are in the process of receiving direct payments based on the 2019 VAT numbers, and restaurants must be in good condition to receive them.

A Facebook group was formed earlier this year, which was initially shut down, but there are still more than 1,000 members, many of them in the subway area. One of the coalition's organizers, Darius Teichroev, told me that while the numbers are statewide and include restaurants in St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis and other metro areas, he's not sure if there are any members at all. There are dozens of restaurants across the city that have signed up, some of which are signatories to a letter to Governor Mark Dayton and the Minnesota Department of Health. Accordingly, the local Hospitality Minnesota Restaurant Association has sent letters to the state asking for some relief. This is a serious problem that could jeopardize the supposed stimulus money that is coming in.

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